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USA vs Russia – Second Cold War?

The Russian law banning adoptions to Americans is nothing but a political move against human rights sanctions that the US passed. It is about an old man’s ego, and unfortunately it is the children that suffer. Oh, the Russians promise to put those children that were on the verge of being adopted into good Russian homes…apparently those homes were unavailable for the past decade or so, but miraculously appear after the ban? Putin says it is because of the mistreatment of Russian children in the US. 19 cases out of 60,000. Instead of creating better protocols on who can adopt, better background checks, and working with the US to ensure the safety of these children, they go with the “hey, because .3% failure rate, we’re just gonna stop it all, and screw the other 59,981 kids” stance. I almost wish for the pseudo-communists to be back in power, at least they made a dark kind of sense.





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