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$TWTR – Did your SugarDaddy buy you out yet? or still waiting?

Well Well, I finally read that Twitter/Twotter $TWTR is potentially a buyout target by a Sugar Daddy (their Competition, who has more money and resources).


If it gets bought out or merged, that it would be okay time for the internal shareholders to get their money and life moves on. Kinda like when Myspace got sold, and it went to shit (it was shit to begin with it). Twitter way more better than Myspace…


We still do not properly understand on how they make money. There was a time when Twitter was used for global revolutions, and these days the daily trending topics are just horrible. It is like the smart people hardly tweet anymore, and just everyone likes to talk shit, share shit, who knows (I talk shit too on it, go figure).

Here is damn Kicker – Their current stock price is at the start of their public IPO price at $50. And now it is trading at $52.87 (pre-market is now at 53.30) – that is not that high. Their damn valuation is pretty much the same.


You always want to sell for more, not near the price that they originally started.


It all boils down to fucking Innovation. In the social media scene, they went from leaders to just laggards. They haven’t innovated since Tweeting was cool, now it is a has been. Vine is for people who too much time on their hands (like me).

If they don’t get bought out – there are gonna burn their cash fast. If you look at their numbers : their debt is 41% high. This is for a Start Up company on which all their data is online. Infact their competition has 0% or less than 41% debt. We will show charts and figures after the news is done.


They should have sold when they were worth more than $60.


Oh well, someone is gonna merge this product into their existing line of assets soon.



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