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The Authors

Jayesh Mehta


Jayesh Mehta is marketing professional. He has either owned or worked as a consultant for four different successful ventures, which include DJ/Entertainment, Web Development and Promotions, Lawn Care Service, and Jewelry.

His passion for writing started when he was thirteen. He had refused to print his materials until recently. He has written over 500 poems/songs, 1 play, 3 fiction stories, and with this book, 1 non-fiction book. His topics are varied, with differing styles.

He cites his influences as Jose Luis Borges, Paul Auster, Philip K. Dick, Perry Farrell, and Robert Charles Wilson.

Follow him on twitter @thejayeshmehta

Ranak Jones


Ranak Jones is a wanderer. He occasionally lectures at various street corners and parks. He is blunt and opinionated. He is private.

He cites his influences as Ranak Jones, Shizumaat, Sun Tzu, Ivan Pavlov and Abraham Maslow. He hates ants. Little else is known about him. For more information…good luck.

He is on twitter @ranakjones

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