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Religion, Government, and You Pt. 1 by Ranak Jones

Why you and not me or us? Because I don’t play by society’s games. And that includes religion, culture, government etc. They are just words to me. Ideals of a declining civilization. Sorry, getting a bit melodramatic and off the point here. Religion is permeating the governments, almost every one in the world, and has for centuries. Here, I am focusing on the US and its states’ governments. People say this country was founded on Christian principles, and that the founding fathers (and I guess mothers also), all believed in these principles, and wove it into the Constitution and so on and so forth. Well first, it was borne out of freedom OF religion. Secondly, the founding fathers wanted a separation of Church and State, because they didn’t want the European model of any particular religion having power over the government, and persecuting competing religions. They also didn’t want laws passed that were “justified” by “God’s will” or the like. They also did not put “In God We Trust” as our motto, that was put in much later by some fucktards that wanted to push Christianity into the government (assumedly because the impending infusion of Far East religions, and the Hebrew and Islamic religions, that were being brought in by immigration).

The US motto, originally, was E Pluribus Unum; Out of many, one. Had nothing to do with religion or god/s. Nowhere in the constitution is there mention of God, or the like. Religion was only put in to ensure the freedom to it. Whichever religion, or no religion, or multiple religions, were and are protected, in the Constitution. This will probably be an ongoing Blog, and I’ll name it the same, except with numbers so you the reader (and my inner dialogue) will know. Basically the point of this post, is for all those revisionist historian politicians, stop using the constitution to push your religious agendas…either that or get a frikkin’ education!


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