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Ooo, it’s hot! by Ranak Jones

Have you noticed that the sun seems larger in the sky? Or that the days seem longer than normal (yeah, I know, it’s summer…shut your head and read on!). Warm winter, sweltering summer. It’s not global warming effect, or whatever you want to call it. It may be a factor, but not the overall reason. Now this is all conjecture, but I think we’re getting closer to the sun. And not just for the season. I think the Earth’s orbit is inching closer to the sun, or the sun is expanding, or (and this is where my money is) our poles are flipping. Any way it looks bad.

Why do I think this? Well, it’s theorized that every so often (like millennia) our axis flips polarity. Some theorize that this is what separated the different ages of the dinosaurs, and possibly the Ice Age (although I don’t agree totally with that). Think about it. We always talk about the extinction of the dinosaurs…but we’ve had not just one extinction. Each “Age” has completely different types of dinosaurs. Very rarely is there mention of overlaps. I sometimes hear of evolution, but to have all the species evolve at relatively the same time seems odd/fortuitous. I think the axis flipped, and each time wiped out large quantities of the dinosaurs, created havoc in the ecosystem, and then the ones who survived had to adapt or die off. There is the evolution. There are times when an evolution is sped up due to calamities in the environment. A bug will be sprayed with a poison, and many would die, but over time they build up an immunity to the poison. Same reasoning. If they were never sprayed, they never build up that immunity, and they don’t evolve with that one extra immunity. From this, I say, what will we call North America if it is south of South America?



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