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Michelle Bachmann Needs a Brain…and a Muzzle by Ranak Jones

I used to think Sarah Palin was the most ignorant politician, taking the title away from Dan Quayle and George W. Bush (known as Junior henceforth). But lo and behold, a new contender has risen, throwing haymakers around like her mouth was put on hyperdrive. With her latest blabber, she accuses Huma Abedin, Hilary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, of being a security risk. She claims, from an outside study, that Huma’s family has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood…because, essentially, they are Muslim. Oh, and their justification that Huma is compromised? The State Department’s “enormously favorable” policies regarding the Brotherhood. Well, I’ve noticed decidedly favorable policies regarding  the Republican Party in favor of various militia. All that camouflage, and talk of gun rights, and anti-immigration, and religiosity, they have to be compromised! Even Bachmann’s own party is pissed off at her, and think she’s more a danger than a help to their image. Yet she still stands by her decision to accuse. Hail, hail, the Scarecrow is here! So now Sarah is just one of the flying monkeys, McCain is the Tin Man, Romney the Cowardly Lion, and let’s not forget Dorothy…the incessantly optimistic Obama. The really scary part of this whole story…she got four other Congressmen to sign this accusation with her. Proof that stupidity is contagious!



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