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Guns by Ranak Jones

Weapons are the downfall of civilizations. Guns will be the downfall of this current civilization. There are groups out there that say guns are for our protection. That it is our right. God-given or just in the constitution? If there is a God, I doubt that he/she/it would give the right to any human to be able to intimidate or kill another human. All religions claim that they are peaceful, if so, how then can they justify guns and other weaponry? Yeah, I know that religion has been the cause, or a cause, in almost every altercation since religions were thought up. We are supposed to be evolved (contradiction?) in our actions. Supposed to be better than forbearers. Yet we cling to old ideals. I agree, 200+ years ago, we needed all this protection, because of the lawlessness and scarcity of neighbors, but now? I’m all for less big brother, stay out of my business and my home type of government, but only if our society has become evolved enough where we don’t think of guns as toys or some collectible (unless they are actually antiques and not really being used anymore, like a true collectible). This doesn’t mean ban all weapons, but there has to be some limitations. You have people who have built up an arsenal of weapons, and they claim it is for their protection. Who you gonna be fighting jackass, you only got 2 arms. If you are firing 20 guns with 2000 rounds of ammo, what the hell are you fighting against? Zombies? The Government? Let me tell you something, zombies have no brains, try outsmarting them, and if you’re going up against the government with that much, you’re going to lose. Some say they use it for hunting. Where’s the sport in that? I can understand rifles, but semiautomatics for hunting? There’s no skill involved there! It’s overkill, literally. I will leave this rant alone, for now, before I get so mad I shoot someone!



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