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$TWTR – Did your SugarDaddy buy you out yet? or still waiting?

Well Well, I finally read that Twitter/Twotter $TWTR is potentially a buyout target by a Sugar Daddy (their Competition, who has more money and resources).


If it gets bought out or merged, that it would be okay time for the internal shareholders to get their money and life moves on. Kinda like when Myspace got sold, and it went to shit (it was shit to begin with it). Twitter way more better than Myspace…


We still do not properly understand on how they make money. There was a time when Twitter was used for global revolutions, and these days the daily trending topics are just horrible. It is like the smart people hardly tweet anymore, and just everyone likes to talk shit, share shit, who knows (I talk shit too on it, go figure).

Here is damn Kicker – Their current stock price is at the start of their public IPO price at $50. And now it is trading at $52.87 (pre-market is now at 53.30) – that is not that high. Their damn valuation is pretty much the same.


You always want to sell for more, not near the price that they originally started.


It all boils down to fucking Innovation. In the social media scene, they went from leaders to just laggards. They haven’t innovated since Tweeting was cool, now it is a has been. Vine is for people who too much time on their hands (like me).

If they don’t get bought out – there are gonna burn their cash fast. If you look at their numbers : their debt is 41% high. This is for a Start Up company on which all their data is online. Infact their competition has 0% or less than 41% debt. We will show charts and figures after the news is done.


They should have sold when they were worth more than $60.


Oh well, someone is gonna merge this product into their existing line of assets soon.



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Damn, We are Back and Not – It depends on how you look at it


Where are back and not.  Looks like we have been sitting quiet, waiting, and contemplating on our next thoughts.  We were waiting to see if current CEO’s of publicly traded companies understood the game changing concepts we talked about.  Some of the new breed of CEO’s get it, and sadly majority of them have no clue whether their company’s vertical or horizontal integration is working properly or not.  Where you can dominate by vertical integration, they are doing horizontal integration and vice versa.

We will show in depth examples.  We waited, and now our wait is done.  We will show you with pretty charts, figures and thoughts and analyze where you fuck up or where you win.


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Eli is a Citizen…

Eli Manning is a Citizen Eco-Drive spokesperson. Just saw the ad running on Sunday during the football games. As I was watching, I noticed that it is visually nice. That is all. Kidding. The problem with this ad is that the main theme was “precision.” Precision as he was throwing interception after interception that day? Bad timing, pun intended. What makes this timing even worse is that this is a normal occurrence this year (and some others as well). I understand that Citizen hired him to be the face of the product, probably signed him to a lucrative contract, but sometimes it’s better to wait on revealing the ad. They should have created another tag line, or create a new ad altogether, without Manning. They could have waited until AFTER the season was over to run those ads, when the interceptions were not so fresh in our minds. Or run the ads, not during the games, but when the games weren’t being played, at a time when the demographic is not strictly of people who watch NFL football…or New Yorkers. My impression, and probably anyone watching the games, was that this brand is being compared to someone with no precision, except to the other team. A miscue. Good advertising, not good branding. Would you buy a watch promoted by this guy?



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Captain Kirk and Priceline.com

Ah, good ole Willie Shatner, riding the wave of success, again. Priceline, the global leader in the online hotel business, features Shatner as its spokesperson. They also recently added Kaley Cuoco, of Big Bang Theory fame. This in itself is a sci-fi geek’s wet dream. The only thing that would make it better would be putting in Seven of Nine and Lt. Uhura. But I digress. Priceline is the unquestioned leader of  European online reservations, via Booking.com. They’ve also acquired Agoda.com, a major player in the Asian market. You would think they would be the leader in the American market, but alas, they are only third. Even with the acquisition of Kayak and the introduction of Booking.com into the American market, they still trail Expedia by roughly 4 million in sales. They also trail Orbitz by 1 million, but they are closing the gap there.


Priceline started out mainly in the online airfare market, but switched gears around the time that Shatner was hired on. They moved into the hotel and rental car (a tie-in to Enterprise would have been extremely apt here) bookings markets, to offer a total travel package. So why aren’t they number one here, when they have such a strong market presence internationally, not to mention the charisma of Captain Kirk? For one thing, hotels here are more chain driven, whereas in other markets there are a multitude of smaller, individually owned hotels. The chains want to control the pricing, and drive people to their websites, rather than give discounts to individual online companies (they would either have to give them an across the board discount rate to all the companies and undermine their own website; or give each online company a different rate, and cause lawsuits of favoritism, etc., and still undermine their site). The other thing that held them back is that their brand, Priceline, is still associated with bidding for rates, and possibly not getting a good rate for the day/s consumers want. Hence, Booking .com comes in as an alternative. I have a feeling that this brand will be taking off in the next couple of years, and will help Priceline overtake Orbitz (who mainly relied on the airfare market), and give Expedia a run for its money. Why? William Shatner is why. Sure, he may not be associated with Booking.com right now, but everything he touches makes money somehow. Star Trek, TJ Hooker, his music albums, books, and tons more. You add in the sex appeal of Kaley (ala Nichelle Nichols, Heather Locklear), well, enough said.

Woh, It wasn't me!

Woh, It wasn’t me!


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GOAL!!! by Jayesh Mehta

Getting excited about the World Cup? I am. Sometimes it is hard to figure out which games count towards going to the Cup, which ones are Friendlies, and which ones are regional tournaments. I won’t explain about which is what. I just want to talk about the lead up to THE soccer (football for everyone outside of the US and Canada) tournament. Specifically, the CONCACAF and the subsequent Confederations Cup (this year it is before). The winner of the CONCACAF has the chance to go to the Confederations Cup in 2017 2015 winner plays 2013 winner to go, unless they are the same), which includes each continental winner, the previous World Cup champion, and the host nation. CONCACAF is essentially the Western Hemisphere countries, excluding South America. Historically, it comes down to either Mexico or the US as the champs. Mexico is tough right now, and they won the last Gold Cup in 2011. The US is also stronger now, and with a few lucky headers, could win. Canada could be considered a potential threat, but they don’t have the depth of the US or Mexico. My money (what little I have) is on the US to pull the upset on Mexico. I also think that at the Confederations Cup it will be Brazil and Spain, with Spain pulling the upset on Brazilian soil. Why? Just a feeling. Italy may be able to slip into the final, but they would need to beat Spain, and I don’t see that happening, unless
they flop better.

As we talk about the games, something else comes to mind: The announcers. American announcers are kind of drab, and end up talking about things other than the actual game (like the past…a lot about the past). Mexican announcers are fun, but I have no idea what they’re saying. Maybe it’s because I don’t speak the language, but not sure. The ones that I do understand, and are pretty entertaining are the European/British English announcers. They are not as fun as the Spanish speaking, overly informative as the Americans/Canadians, or as snobbish as the French (that’s just a guess), but they have a nice mix that will keep you entertained, and focus on the match at hand. There is no “GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!” but it’s OK, that’s what YouTube is for.





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Weddings, Bathrooms, Politics, and George Takei by Ranak Jones

I know it’s been a while, and apparently Jayesh it too busy with his day “job” to contribute on a regular basis. And I’ll be damned if anyone is going to keep me on a schedule, so there you have it, long stretches of nothingness. Jayesh tends to write about business matters, and I won’t fault him for it, that’s his thing. He wants to promote the book. I don’t really care if we don’t sell another. I just like this forum as a place to preach my thoughts while I let my voice recover.

What I want to talk about right now is the debates on homosexuality, marriage and a little bit about transsexuals and restrooms. First, I am not pro-marriage. It’s just a way to promise commitment in front of witnesses, making it a contract that the governments can then charge fees and taxes on. Second and third, I am not homosexual, transsexual or heterosexual. I like my solitude and lack of issues. So now to the issues: why are so many people against same-sex marriage? It’s not like they aren’t living in “sin” as it is?! All the marriage does is make it into a contract. The only benefits I see are the “legitimacy” of their relationship/commitment and they can share a medical plan. No one is saying that it has to be a “Christian” wedding, or a “Muslim” wedding. So why are they throwing out this whole ‘it’s against good Christian/Muslim/whicheverotherfingreligion values’? Are they getting married? No. It’s none of your business. Whatever happened to “Do not judge, so that you will not be judged, since you will be judged in the same judgment that you make, and you will be measured by the same standard you apply?” Not convenient, maybe?

Now my reasoning for it: We need fewer laws and I respect George Takei. Some would say that I am a liberal…maybe. However, my rationale is more conservative (people seem to forget what each is depending on the issue). Conservatives believe in smaller government, letting free enterprise make the rules. Liberals want more government, because they feel that the small or weak need protection. So in essence, an anarchist would be the epitome of conservatives, and a true communist would be the epitome of liberals. By this rationale, I am a conservative who believes in same-sex marriages, transsexuals who can pee in whatever bathroom they choose, abortions are none of my business, churches/religious institutes can reject those marriages from happening in their establishments, and so on and so forth. I also happen to enjoy some Star Trek every now and then.

What I do find kind of funny is that the same people saying that ‘we have the right to bear arms’ and ‘no more big government’ are the same people who want to take away others’ freedoms.




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Transbotics Video at Promat 2013

AGV Tuggerhttps://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=10151308263136298






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Always Have Sex With The Boss, Never Have Sex With the Boss’ Sister

Mr. Brian Dunn did not read my book. You sleep with the boss. The female employee at least followed my principle. Most of these “leaders” mixed their business and personal lives. You can’t do that. You will fail. In business you need to be more analytical, an android, a full-blooded Vulcan (with a backbone. Do you hear me Spock!) If you let your personal life seep into your work you will make the same mistakes as these CEOs. As I said, most of the CEOs. All the CEOs were inept for this line of work. They were the BSer’s. The ones who talk the talk, but sit instead of walk. I sometimes wonder how such idiots reach these heights, and then I remember. They probably slept with the boss or the board. Other times I wonder about more important things, like how does M. Night Shyamalan still get movie offers? (Then I realize he must’ve blown someone pretty good!)six




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Microsoft Fails

Microsoft’s Surface didn’t sell well this holiday season. Surprise! Their marketing effort, which included some appealing ads, failed mainly because they tried to push this version with an upgraded product coming out soon. Their Twitter account was trying hard to show the good side of the tablet (even though they ignored me…Bill, you had my book recommended, and put it on your site, help me get their attention…or don’t). The operating system of the current Surface is Windows RT, a hybrid of Windows 7 and 8. It is not backwards compatible. It was released in October/November. The updated Surface, running Windows 8, and is backwards compatible, is to be released in January. See the problem? If you’re going to release a product, and have a better, updated version ready to go soon, then scrap the original, and wait for the updated. You are giving your original release a disservice by leaking that you have a better version coming out soon. Who wouldn’t wait 3-4 months to get the better version. I believe that the updated Surface will outsell the original release within the first 6 weeks, if not sooner. Microsoft take note of your competitors (specifically Apple), and release your products at least a year apart. Give your products enough time to take hold.





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USA vs Russia – Second Cold War?

The Russian law banning adoptions to Americans is nothing but a political move against human rights sanctions that the US passed. It is about an old man’s ego, and unfortunately it is the children that suffer. Oh, the Russians promise to put those children that were on the verge of being adopted into good Russian homes…apparently those homes were unavailable for the past decade or so, but miraculously appear after the ban? Putin says it is because of the mistreatment of Russian children in the US. 19 cases out of 60,000. Instead of creating better protocols on who can adopt, better background checks, and working with the US to ensure the safety of these children, they go with the “hey, because .3% failure rate, we’re just gonna stop it all, and screw the other 59,981 kids” stance. I almost wish for the pseudo-communists to be back in power, at least they made a dark kind of sense.





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It’s Been a While

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted, and a lot has happened. A new-old President, Newtown, Fiscal Cliffs, Mars Rover pics, the so-called end of the world because some Mayan in the past ran out of room or just got bored to make the calendar longer, my move to warmer climes, etc. I’m not going to weigh in on all the old stuff, it’s been written about to death. I also am not going to sit here and write about what I’ve been up to for the past 3-4 months, it’s only newsworthy to me. So what will I write about? Something that is near and dear to me…the decline of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Some will say it’s because of the new Offensive Coordinator, the quarterback, the running game, or the defense. It’s none of these. It’s because of the lack of team cohesion. The wide receivers have lost focus because they have become full of themselves (see Mike Wallace). The quarterback is trying to be the hero, all the time. The defense…well, nothing to really complain about them, except that they are smarter, but older. Their decline is solely because of the Offense that thinks they are better than they are, and that they can coast, or that they are so self-important that only they can carry the team to victory.

What does a blog about sports have to do with a mainly business principle site? Everything. Professional sports are first and foremost in the business of entertainment. Each team builds their brand to create more revenue. If your team starts to lose because a lack of focus and teamwork, the brand will suffer. The longer it lasts, the more it hurts, and the harder it is to recover. See Jacksonville, Carolina, Kansas City, Detroit (yes, they make money, mainly from the TV contracts, that are shared, even if they never get on Prime Time, keeping them artificially afloat). There are a couple of chapters in my book that touch on the subject of having your employees on the same page, and working together. This is paramount for any business. The more of these non-team players you have, the more fatal the cancer in your company. So what’s the solution for the Steelers? Make an example of these players. Sit them. Cut them. Make them work for their spots, instead of handing it to them. And that includes the franchise QB. Draft a QB to “groom” and put the fear of being replaced into starter. My take.



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For those wondering why there hasn’t been any blog posts recently, do not fret, we will be coming back soon. An update on the actual why…well, I am working on my new novel, not non-fiction (double negatives be damned!), but a philosophical fiction. When will it be done? When I stop.

As to Ranak, he decided to go on a self-imposed leave of absence from the internet. No blogs, not tweets, no status updates, no email…except every so often when he feels like it. He will be back soon…he just felt that some of his asshole-ness was being diluted. So he is concentrating, and will be back as a bigger ass than before (and I am talking about his backside…dude is getting large!)

For now read our book. And read some one else’s book. Reading is what keeps us from becoming the mindless, lack of face-to-face social skill pods that are infecting this world.


Viva la bibliotheque!


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Darth Vader a Hacker? by Jayesh Mehta

Terms get misused, misinterpreted, mistaken, and mis-something or another. It happens all the time. Gay used to mean happy, light-hearted. Now it’s synonymous with male homosexuals. Moot used to mean open to debate, but now used more commonly as irrelevant. Counterfeit used to mean legitimate copy. Brave meant cowardice (aka bravado). Is this a linguistics lesson? Well, maybe a little. The list can go on. In fact books have been based on the changing meanings of words over time. But this isn’t about just any word. It’s about the meaning of “hack” or “hackers”. They’re getting a bad rap (talk about words with changed meanings).

Hacker, in the traditional sense of the word, is someone with a strong interest in how things work, who likes to tinker and create and modify things for the enjoyment of doing so. Basically, someone who is inquisitive, wants to learn, and understand how things work. The Internet Users’ Glossary defines hacker as:

A person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers, and computer networks in particular. The term is often misused in a pejorative context where “cracker” would be the correct term.

The media has perverted the meaning to now mean someone who circumvents or breaks security measures for malicious intent. These two meanings do not relate at all. The “crackers” (no, not the derogatory version for a Caucasian) are the ones who willfully will go into a computer system and change code, or bring a site down, or purposefully create a virus. This is akin to calling Darth Vader a Jedi just because he uses the force. The only similarity between these two are that both will break into a system/computer/networks/websites. The difference is their intent. One wants to learn, the other destroy. Either we need to create a new term for the “Light” side of hacking, or start using the terminology correctly as to not damage the reputations of the people who just want to learn. Why? Because he said so.

Other Words with original meanings:

Zeal was originally a perjorative term (see: zealot)
Crafty was positive and enthusiasim was negative
Garble – sort out
Manufacture – made by hand
Obsequious – flexible
Notorious – famous
Amusing – pleasing to look at
Awful – deserving of awe (as the OP mentioned)
Artificial – full of skillful artifice
Egregious – eminent or admirable


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The Philanthropic Middle-Class, The Miserly Rich

Are the rich giving their fair share to charity? Should they give more? Do the poor and middle-class have a gripe with the rich? The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently finished a study of charitable spending based on IRS data. What they found could be considered somewhat disheartening. Households earning between $50,000 and $75,000 a year gave an average of 7.6 percent of their discretionary income to charity. That compares to 4.2 percent for people who make $100,000 or more. In some of the wealthiest neighborhoods, with a large share of people making $200,000 or more a year, the average giving rate was 2.8 percent.

Looking at the percentages can be misleading, though. Looking at the actual numbers may make things clearer. The households making $75,000 a year gave $5,700 on average. Households making, let’s say, $150,000 a year gave $6,300. I’d throw out the figure of $200,000, because that is qualified by saying the wealthiest neighborhoods which most residents make more than that amount, not necessarily all those who make over $200,000. So if you’re making $75k a year, you donate almost as much as someone who makes $150k. Still doesn’t help dissuade the upper-class being miserly perception, but is a little better than when compared to the percentages. Another factor to remember is that those making more than $100,000 accounted for more than half the charitable donations…and those who make under $100,000 contributed the other half. You take into consideration that the lowest incomes probably will not donate much, if anything, that still makes the middle class the most philanthropic.

Some caveats: the rich who are not heavily clustered together, or are in neighborhoods that include lower (making less than $200k) do tend to donate more. Also, these deductions are only the ones listed on tax returns. There may be other donations not listed because it does not make sense to itemize those deductions, or they may have maxed out their allowable deductions. Another factor in how much is contributed is by region. Those in the Bible Belt tend to give more on average than the east coast. In addition, on a political bent, Red states give more than their Blue states counterpart…by percentage of income, not amount.

What does this all mean? That the rich don’t claim as many charitable donations as the middle class. Should they give more? Maybe, but it is their money, and they can do whatever they want with it, as long as it’s legal. I don’t want someone to tell me what to do with my money, and I doubt most people would like it either. Do the other classes have a gripe? No, why should they? If they think the rich are less charitable than them, then they are allowed to give less if they want to. Should the rich distribute their wealth more? Isn’t that more Socialist/Communist? This is not about how much they are being taxed (or not taxed), but how much they are giving to charities, and then deducting from their taxes. If the results would have been the other way, that the rich were donating more, stories would have read that the rich are deducting more from their taxes. So what do the numbers really mean here? The middle-class donates more, and deducts more from their taxes. The upper-class donate less, and deduct less from their taxes.

So why did I title this the way I did? Because if I had titled it “Numbers Lie”, how many of you would have really read it? The point of the article is when candidates and companies throw out numbers, read into them; because numbers can justify almost any position by the way they are presented or conducted. So next time Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Barak Obama, Ezra Klein, Arianna Huffington, Mitt Romney, et al, throw some statistics out, read into them and find out what they actually mean.


For more info:

http://philanthropy.com/section/How-America-Gives/621/, http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rich-less-charitable-middle-class-183805573.html

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Ray “Douglas” Bradbury by Ranak Jones and Jayesh Mehta

Today would be Ray Bradbury’s birthday. He was arguably one of the most influential Science Fiction authors of all-time. He was in the same category as H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlin.  Best known for his dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 (1953) and for the science fiction and horror stories gathered together as The Martian Chronicles (1950) and The Illustrated Man (1951), Bradbury was one of the most celebrated 20th-century American writers. Many of Bradbury’s works were adapted into television shows or films. We would like to celebrate this man today by giving a blog-out to him, and give a little sampling of his work. This is from The Martian Chronicles:


Chapter One

January 2030

Rocket Summer

One minute it was Ohio winter, with doors closed, windows locked, the panes blind with frost, icicles fringing every roof, children skiing on slopes, housewives lumbering like great black bears in their furs along the icy streets.

And then a long wave of warmth crossed the small town. A flooding sea of hot air; it seemed as if someone had left a bakery door open. The heat pulsed among the cottages and bushes and children. The icicles dropped, shattering, to melt. The doors flew open. The windows flew up. The children worked off their wool clothes. The housewives shed their bear disguises. The snow dissolved and showed last summer’s ancient green lawns.

Rocket summer. The words passed among the people in the open, airing houses. Rocket summer. The warm desert air changing the frost patterns on the windows, erasing the art work. The skis and sleds suddenly useless. The snow, falling from the cold sky upon the town, turned to a hot rain before it touched the ground.

Rocket summer. People leaned from their dripping porches and watched the reddening sky.

The rocket lay on the launching field, blowing out pink clouds of fire and oven heat. The rocket stood in the cold winter morning, making summer with every breath of its mighty exhausts. The rocket made climates, and summer lay for a brief moment upon the land….


RIP Ray!


 R.Jones & Jayesh.

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