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Always Have Sex With The Boss, Never Have Sex With the Boss’ Sister

Mr. Brian Dunn did not read my book. You sleep with the boss. The female employee at least followed my principle. Most of these “leaders” mixed their business and personal lives. You can’t do that. You will fail. In business you need to be more analytical, an android, a full-blooded Vulcan (with a backbone. Do you hear me Spock!) If you let your personal life seep into your work you will make the same mistakes as these CEOs. As I said, most of the CEOs. All the CEOs were inept for this line of work. They were the BSer’s. The ones who talk the talk, but sit instead of walk. I sometimes wonder how such idiots reach these heights, and then I remember. They probably slept with the boss or the board. Other times I wonder about more important things, like how does M. Night Shyamalan still get movie offers? (Then I realize he must’ve blown someone pretty good!)six




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