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Eli is a Citizen…

Eli Manning is a Citizen Eco-Drive spokesperson. Just saw the ad running on Sunday during the football games. As I was watching, I noticed that it is visually nice. That is all. Kidding. The problem with this ad is that the main theme was “precision.” Precision as he was throwing interception after interception that day? Bad timing, pun intended. What makes this timing even worse is that this is a normal occurrence this year (and some others as well). I understand that Citizen hired him to be the face of the product, probably signed him to a lucrative contract, but sometimes it’s better to wait on revealing the ad. They should have created another tag line, or create a new ad altogether, without Manning. They could have waited until AFTER the season was over to run those ads, when the interceptions were not so fresh in our minds. Or run the ads, not during the games, but when the games weren’t being played, at a time when the demographic is not strictly of people who watch NFL football…or New Yorkers. My impression, and probably anyone watching the games, was that this brand is being compared to someone with no precision, except to the other team. A miscue. Good advertising, not good branding. Would you buy a watch promoted by this guy?



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