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Good for Business? By Ranak Jones

So, the Health Care Bill passed the SCOTUS. Good for business. Ok for consumers. Why? Because I effing said so! And I’m an expert. Seriously, this broadens the customer base for insurers, which the big boys will dominate (a few scraps will be given to the little insurer guys). Not so good for consumers, because now you have to pay for something you may never or hardly use or want. Not just the poor, but the rich. Think about it, you have a billion dollars, do you need to get insurance and waste your money? Also, this is another restriction upon the common schlub’s freedom. Communism bad? Socialism coming? It’s been here for almost a century, bit by bit, it came. Made you feel warm. Made you feel proud to help the helpless. All the while giving away pieces of freedom’s soul. So am I against “ObamaCare” or for it? Yes.



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