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For those wondering why there hasn’t been any blog posts recently, do not fret, we will be coming back soon. An update on the actual why…well, I am working on my new novel, not non-fiction (double negatives be damned!), but a philosophical fiction. When will it be done? When I stop.

As to Ranak, he decided to go on a self-imposed leave of absence from the internet. No blogs, not tweets, no status updates, no email…except every so often when he feels like it. He will be back soon…he just felt that some of his asshole-ness was being diluted. So he is concentrating, and will be back as a bigger ass than before (and I am talking about his backside…dude is getting large!)

For now read our book. And read some one else’s book. Reading is what keeps us from becoming the mindless, lack of face-to-face social skill pods that are infecting this world.


Viva la bibliotheque!


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