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Sandusky by Ranak Jones

What a sick fuck! Just as bad, Paterno. He was friends with the pervert. He covered for the sicko. Penn Staters will say no, Paterno is innocent. He would never do that. He is God, and God wouldn’t allow that. He was deceived. Ummm….NO! He knew, He covered because his ego couldn’t take any tarnishment. And then he denied knowing until he died. He thought things would never come out, but they did. Paterno was an accomplice after the fact. He may not have done the fondling, but he never stopped the hands that were.


You want facts? Fuck the facts! Sometimes you just know. He won’t be prosecuted because 1) he’s dead and 2) no one inHappyValleywould touch him (when he was alive…). You can say that he’s dead, so let his soul rest in peace. That’s assuming you believe in the soul, and that he’s actually in some heaven instead of some ring of hell. That’s also not taking into account all those kids that lives were ruined/damaged. These kids will have years of therapy, and still may have issues…and those are just the ones who admit it, and think that they are not to blame for what happened. So all those who want to let the dead man be, fuck you!



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