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Louisiana by Ranak Jones

Jindal, you stupid fuck. “Oh, I’m not going to follow the mandates set forth by the federal government because it’s unconstitutional!” Dumb ass, you wouldn’t even be in office if that argument had held water 40-50 years ago. Your parents would never have come here.Louisiana, the state where we keep on fighting the Feds, and lose. What’s worse is that people there elected him…and still believe in him. He could care less about what the Louisianan thinks. He just likes his mivonks stroked…and his ego. He wants to be a power. Dude you’d be lucky to get that stick out of your ass. Again, I don’t agree or disagree with Obamacare, but if you want to fight the thing, stop being an effing baby about  it. Holding your breath, saying “No, I don’t wanna,” doesn’t work. You’re fucking with your constituents. Get the shit ready just in case you can’t get the law repealed, but fight it, help get people elected that could help get it repealed, do anything instead of nothing.



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