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Apprehension by Ranak Jones

Why do people fail? Why do people who have great ideas, never follow through on them? Everyone knows the adage that if you never try you’ll never succeed, but how many follow this advice? Some will say it’s too risky to do, and may affect their family or career negatively. Others will use laziness or lack of motivation as excuses.

Its your own apprehension that makes you think something is not good because of the pressure to do it right and/or succeed. Same message, different words. The successful will take the chances. The unsuccessful will also take the chances. Then there are all those who are neither because they don’t take a chance. It’s the status quo. It’s people being complacent. It’s people fearing that they will fail. Failure is just the beginning of success. You need to fail to learn (and yes, there are those that will always fail because they don’t learn). In my book, A Rogue’s Guide, I do discuss a little of this in regards to information and how to use it. But this is beyond that. This is about anything you do in life. I took a risk by working with Jayesh, when I had always worked alone. I took a risk by actually publishing a book with my name and thoughts in it. Would I have been fine if I hadn’t done the book? Yes. I would still be doing the soap box thing, and would have been happy. But with this book, I can do something I haven’t been able to do before…reach a larger audience that is reading what I write, instead of trying to get some random person off the street to listen to me. Will I still soapbox? Absolutely, but now I have some¬†credibility.

My advice to anyone and everyone who is reading this is to live your life, don’t second-guess yourself, and take that plunge. You will be more fulfilled, not just getting by!



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