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Indian Mystery Woman Intruder by Jayesh Mehta

Most people have already read or heard about this. For those who haven’t, let me recap it. During the walk of countries, a non-Olympian, unauthorized person walked along with the Indian delegation, acting as if she belonged. London organizing chair, Sebastion Coe, confirmed the intruder as a participant of the Opening Ceremonies. He said she got over zealous. India’s Olympic chief, Muralidharan Raga, was upset. “She had no business to walk in with the Indian contingent and we are taking up the issue with the organizers,” he said. “We don’t know who she is and why she was allowed to walk in. It is a shame that she was with the athletes in the march past.”

Now my problem is not with what he said, or if he was right in feeling this way. No, my problem was with a writer who wrote this blog/story for Yahoo!:  Click Here to Read. In this blog, he stated many facts, and was actually doing a good bit of article writing…until the end. He became smarmy and conceited. And he took a cheap shot at a man representing his country. Mr. Chris Chase everybody! Stand up please and take the boos! So what did this amateuristic Yahoo! blogger do to get me so riled up? Here’s a snippet:

“A shame,” though? A shame is the fact that India has been competing in the Olympics for 112 years and have only earned four more medals than Michael Phelps.

First, check your facts Chris. India has only been an independent country for about 65 years. And they haven’t competed in every Olympics, and when they did, especially when they were under British rule, barely sent 6 or more athletes, not including teams. Did 112 seem like a bigger number, so you conveniently omitted the other facts, Mr. Chase? Second, to take a cheap shot at a country, ridiculing their lack of medals in the Olympics, that’s your way of supporting your assertion that it is not a “shame”? Seems kind of childish. Chris, an FYI, not all countries can put the resources needed to develop athletes for all the different events. Also, not all countries put as much importance on the Olympics and it’s myriad of events. Some focus on certain events. The also don’t send 400+ athletes, as the US did this year. They, in more modern times, have sent less than 90 athletes, which includes a few in teams sports.

You want to take digs at other countries, Chris? Well that’s your prerogative, but you do know that you are the type of person people in other countries consider a douche bag of an American? Right? You know the type: loud, brash, arrogant? Thinks everyone should speak “American”, talk loud, and when you can’t (ie. won’t) understand someone with an accent, rudely say “What!” Let me put this scenario in front of you Chris: What if some unauthorized person was walking alongside the US Olympians? Do you think the US Olympic chair wouldn’t get upset? How about this scenario, Chris: What if this person turned around and started stabbing the Olympians? Would that be a big deal for you? Would that make it a shame? Yes this second scenario would be far-fetched, but it could have happened. If this person could elude security and get onto the track with Olympians, how hard would it have been to get a knife from catering, and do the same? It may not be a “shame” to you, Chris, but don’t make fun of a whole country just because a representative of that country does not share your view.

Chris Chase, I wish you success with your Yahoo! sports blog, and hopefully your ignorance will attract an audience. I wouldn’t hold my breath, and I hope you do have a backup plan.


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