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Declining Culture by Ranak Jones

You’ve heard it before: We’ve lost our morals, we’ve lost decency, we’ve lost our way. Yeah, it’s true, with a caveat. The caveat is that we’ve been lost for centuries…millennia even. Our moral decay began before the Kim Kardashians, Paris Hiltons, Octomoms. It was always there, now it’s just OUT there. The common man has always been fascinated with the uncommon, the rich, the famous, the perverse. Why? Because they are more interesting than us, and their faults make us feel better about our little idiosyncrasies. Does this make our fascination right, or even healthy? I say no. We can be better than this. We watch the gruesome, so we are shown the gruesome. If we say no, and stop rubbernecking, then we will be shown something else, something better, something that we can make us proud of our society.

Sounds like I’m getting all moralistic on your asses, but I’m not. Televangelists pimping religion is just as bad, even worse probably since they are feigning morality. What I’m trying to point out is that we need to be more involved with our own lives, not others. If that life happens to be Jersey Shore-like, than so be it. If that life is all about sexual conquests, or sexual “deviation” (deviating from normal, what is normal?), than fuck away. I don’t give a schlock what your life consists of, but stop trying to make yourself feel better by watching some tralk trying to be interesting. Their BS doesn’t make your BS go away, it just means you’re trying to ignore it. Stop being in denial, accept who you are, and that dren out there will dissipate.



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