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ACTA by Jayesh Mehta

EU strikes down ACTA. Good for internet freedom…bad for artists. Also good for artists. ACTA would severely hinder internet freedoms, and then we would have to enact the Internet Bill of Rights, and possibly protest and revolt and throw some wireless routers intoBostonHarboror something. Instead, the ones most responsible for creating and writing the act struck it down, essentially giving it the death sentence. It’s bad for artists because now there works can be copied, distributed, and used without their permission…or so they say. It’s also good for the artists, the ones that aren’t so huge that they’re making millions by the month (or something like that). It’s good for the new, unknown, struggling, underground, not so big artists. This gets their works out to the world. And someone may download their MP3 without paying them, but that’s one more person listening to them. Isn’t that the reason someone is an artist? To get your art out there. To be appreciated. Not to make money. If you’re in it to make money, you aren’t an artist, and should stop claiming to be. Don’t get me wrong, artists need to eat too, but when the focus is on how much is this going to get me, instead of this needs to be seen/heard/experienced, etc. You hear me Metallica? You’d be nothing without piracy.



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